2015 Preservation Award Winners

16 Ridgewood Ave GRThe 2015 Historical Society Preservation Award has been awarded to 16 Ridgewood Avenue, which was renovated by Ken Malian and Steve Moran. The Dutch Colonial style house from the 1920’s had been greatly altered over the years and was in need of restoration. First, the aluminum siding was removed which revealed two original windows that had been covered. The window frames were rebuilt before new cedar clapboard siding was put up on the first floor. The cedar shingles on the upper floors of the house were in better condition and were repaired, not replaced. The original bay window on the front of the house was reconstructed in place of the “updated” bow window. The entire front porch was rebuilt–from new concrete footings to a mahogany floor to a beadboard ceiling painted blue. New wood railings replaced the elaborate wrought iron. And, as the finishing touch, operable shutters were installed on the front windows.



76 Lincoln St GR

An Honorable Mention was awarded to 76 Lincoln Street, which was restored by Christina Kozma and Rick Teyan. The front porch on the house had been closed in by an earlier owner. Using a historic photo of the house, they recreated the porch exactly as it had looked when the house was built. This involved rebuilding the foundation and porch floor structure before recreating the wood columns and railings. The result was a true restoration.