1976 Photo Spread

Bicentennial BaseballThe 200th anniversary of the United States was celebrated in Glen Ridge by a series of different kinds of events under the guidance of a Bicentennial Committee appointed by the Mayor and Council.

Appointed in early 1975 and allocated a modest budget, the Committee of fifteen was augmented by numerous men and women who volunteered their help on sub-committees.  The Bicentennial Committee was divided into three sub-divisions as 1976 2suggested by the National Bicentennial Committee…. Heritage, Festivals and Special Events and Horizons.  A publicity sub-committee composed of writers and artists supported the groups.

The Heritage committee researched and selected the eight oldest houses in Glen Ridge and outlined a walking tour of Borough historic sites.  Also, the committee worked to augment the Library Historical Collection by acquiring gifts of maps, pictures and other memorabilia from local 1976 3citizens.

The Festivals committee ran a series of events including: a fund-raising Ball, Art & Photography Show, Crafts Show, Fourth of July picnic, town-wide Fair, an expanded Memorial Day Parade in conjunction with the Forum and presented the Duelman Chorus from Germany.

1976 1Horizons committee was responsible for planning and implementation of landscaping the triangle of land opposite Parkway House on Bloomfield Avenue. That committee also is working toward obtaining approval to have an historical survey made of Glen Ridge with the view to having some Borough areas registered as State and National Historic Districts.