Blue Foundry Bank’s Community Alliance Program (CAP Program)

The Glen Ridge Historical Society is currently participating in the Blue Foundry Bank’s Community Alliance Program (CAP Program.) The CAP Program offers our organization an opportunity to earn money based on the number of our members who bank with Blue Foundry.

When the CAP Program requirements are met, the Historical Society’s account will receive a quarterly donation based on the average balance of our members’ designated accounts at Blue Foundry. The more members enrolled at Blue Foundry, the larger the donation for the Historical Society.

Here’s how it works. A minimum of twenty individuals (Society members) per organization must have an account at Blue Foundry. It can be an existing account or a new account. Each member can designate as many accounts as they wish to be counted toward the Society’s quarterly calculation.

Blue Foundry will accrue CAP Program rewards on the average daily balance maintained by the members and will then pay the quarterly reward directly to our account. The program includes certificates of deposit, individual retirement accounts, checking accounts, savings accounts, money market accounts and premium checking accounts. And for your privacy, your account balance is kept private.

Of course, if you currently have an account at Blue Foundry, all that has to be done is ask that your account be part of the Glen Ridge Historical Society’s CAP Program. If you are interested in starting a new account, just mention our organization’s CAP Program. It’s that easy!

We hope you’ll consider the CAP Program as it would be a great way to support a Glen Ridge business who has done much for the Glen Ridge Historical Society.