Heritage Book Dedication and Committees

Since its inception in 1895, Borough residents have been the recipients of the foresight and planning of numerous men and women. Through their efforts, Glen Ridge has moved from a community of farms and factories to a beautiful residential town of spacious homes set on tree-lined streets. Its lush park-like Glen remains intact, preserved over the years from the encroachment of so-called progress as a heritage for future generations.

As our nation commemorates its 200th anniversary, it seems fitting to present an overview of the history of the town. To those dedicated, civic-minded men and women, past and present, who have contributed of their time and talents to the Borough, we dedicate this Glen Ridge Heritage.

Patricia A. Johnson

Chairman, Glen Ridge Bicentennial Committee


Ronald Travisano

Managing Editor

Patricia A. Johnson

Associate Editors

Marjorie Marciano

Walter Sopronik

Research Editors

Annis T. Popoff

Eleanor S. Webster

Art Director

Ronald Travisano

Hand Lettering

Mark S. Yustein


Edgar A. Ferdon

R. Milford Kime

George M. Luedemann

Jeanne Tifft

Research and Articles

Paul R. Baker

Caelia R. Bingham

Sallie L. Black

James A. Brydon

Jeanne V. Campbell

Edwin D. Crandell

Diane Cummins

Carolyn W. Davis

Howard S. Dodd, Jr.

John E. Harr

Patricia A. Johnson

Barbara H. Mulhern

Annis Popoff

Anne L. Selcoe

Joseph F. Sinzer

Lawrence E. Sullivan

Kenneth A. Underwood

Eleanor S. Webster

Virginia P. Wolf


Herbert J. Addison

John E. Harr

Thomas N. Horton

Percy S. Wilson


Herbert H. Johnson

Logo Design

W. A. Wood, Jr.

Bicentennial Committee

Mrs. Horace Ashenfelter, III

Mrs. Janice Benton

Mrs. James S. Brown

Mrs. Michael C. Dixon

Walter E. Frohboese

Richard A. Guarino, M.D.

Mrs. Robert Hayes

John E. Harr

Councilwoman Helen Kaplan

Mrs. Neil Marciano

Harris B. Parmele, Jr.

Mrs. Peter D. Popoff

Mrs. Walter Sopronik

Ronald Travisano

Mrs. George A. Webster

Percy S. Wilson