TreetownTrees line the shady streets and enhance the verdant yards and parks of Glen Ridge.  While most of the stately elms have been destroyed by Dutch elm blight, there are over 450 oak trees in the Borough as well as innumerable maple trees of all types, trees whose vibrant foliage turns the community into a blaze of color each autumn. In addition, there are hundreds of other trees of all types, including the flowering dogwoods, magnolias, cherry and mimosa.

One 214-year-old black oak stands at the corner of Maolis and Hawthorne Avenues.  Another, assumed to be the oldest living tree in this area of New Jersey is a scarlet oak at 86 Hillside Avenue. It is said to be over 270 years old.

If there were a “Treetown, U.S.A.,” Glen Ridge could claim the title because of the age, abundance, variety, and beauty of its many trees. The careful planning of town forefathers, an established Park Association, and a natural endowment of varied species make her trees one of the Borough’s most decorative features.